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"I´ll tell a bit about me. I started customizing these amazing dolls in September 2011 after l saw one of them on the net. I fell in love and l started to look "who" was that amazing doll. They made me smile and l got good feelings in a difficult moment of my life, so l decided to bring one of them to my life. They helped me a lot." Monica

It’s Blond Power!! … :D

Marta is currently looking for love…anyone out there??

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Amazingly breathtaking…

1st Blythe Kingdom Beauty Contest !!

The Style Challenge : Mori Girl

Here are the Winners…. drumroll

1st Place ~ Pomme Pomme

2nd Place ~ Vixie Vaporous

3rd Place ~ little drops of rain

Congratz to all the entries!!… be sure to go and have a look at them, they are all beautiful! :D

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(Photo: Thanos Samaras)

"I can tell everything about a woman, by her hair, alone" ..says Thanos

..hmmm..I’m wondering.. would it works the same for Blythe?!? :)

Skull Shores succeeds "Gloom Beach". Lagoona Blue, Gillington “Gil” Webber, Ghoulia Yelps, Abbey Bominable are were released in late October, 2011 and Draculaura was released in mid January, 2012.

During mid 2012 were released other dolls of the “Skull Shores” serie: a special promotion and a 5-pack exclusive to Target.

previous release - next release

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(Photo:☁ hola gominola)

Hi Sara! :) …you started customizing Blythe on 2009, if I’m not wrong,..and you many of them??

Yes, it’s been 4 years working as a customizer and I’ve created 95 dolls so far.

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It is the first book of Mista Studio and the new publisher LEMO. They are officially present it exclusively during Barcelona Blythecon on April 20, 2013.

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Here is a list of tutorials and patterns that I found while surfing the net. If you want to add your tutorial or if you found a fantastic pattern that should be on this list..please contact with me! :D

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(Photo: Cookie dolls)

Rebeca Cano is creative of tales where each doll is the protagonist character. She give them meaning, soul and life through the expression, clothing, props, scenery and photography. Each piece is created full of symbolism to the idea that conceived it, as well as subtle religious references, dreamlike and poetic.”

(Photo: Keera)

..every time I’m looking at Nerea’s dioramas.. ..I’m speechless… I guess this time is not different from any other times! ;)